Value Discovery Analysis

How PLM can improve your business performance

How PLM can improve your business performance

Understand the value of PLM

The value discovery analysis (VDA) is a methodology designed to give quick and valuable insight into how PLM can improve your business performance.

Every business faces unique challenges depending on their strategic objectives and process improvement initiatives. Because of this, the needs driving PLM are also different, therefore, PLM must be shaped specifically to fit into your particular business landscape.

VDA focuses on identifying your key business challenges and quantifying their impacts by evaluating the potential for:

Efficiency improvements: Time saved through reduced non-value-add activities

Cost reductions: Bottom-line savings through reduced waste and rework

Revenue growth: Increased revenue potential or reduced business risk

Business Initiative driving Capability and Value

Business Initiatives

  • Improve new product introduction lead-times
  • Reduce costs
  • Year on year revenue growth
  • Improve quality
  • Increase customer satisfaction


Barriers to Success

  • Time wasted searching for correct information
  • Time to process engineering changes
  • Lack of design-for-manufacture
  • Inaccurate BOM
  • Islands of information



  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Reduction in scrap
  • Reduction in procured cost through common components
  • Win more bids by re-use of historic bid info

The VDA Process

Customer Endorsement

"The Value Discovery Analysis process has informed us of the possibilities that PLM can offer, not just through improved management of design data, but on a far broader scale than we had originally anticipated. It has helped us to clarify and quantify specific business issues and the potential value to our company in solving them.

The process has allowed us to develop our vision of a PLM-enabled organisation and has given us the confidence to move forward with implementing that vision, aware of the potential business value we can achieve in doing so".

Steve Gorrell, Support Services Director, BAXI Group