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Solid Edge Simulation

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in Solid Edge

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in Solid Edge

Powerful simulation functionality embedded inside Solid Edge

Solid Edge Simulation significantly reduces the need for physical prototypes, which lowers your material and testing costs, and saves design time.

Automatic creation of finite element models

With Solid Edge Simulation you can create finite element models for solid and sheet metal structures automatically, as well as make adjustments to refine the mesh to improve accuracy of the results. For assemblies, Solid Edge Simulation offers automatic contact detection and sets up realistic component interaction, including iterative linear and glued contact.

Boundary condition definitions for realistic environments

Solid Edge Simulation provides all of the boundary condition definitions that you’ll need to model realistic operating environments for analysis. Loads and constraints are geometry-based and easy to set up using Solid Edge’s Quick Bar input options and handles. Validate thermal and cooling performance such as transient heat transfer with time history results.

Comprehensive graphical post-processing tools

Interpret and understand the resulting model behaviour quickly with the comprehensive graphical post-processing tools in Solid Edge Simulation. If the results show that a design refinement is needed, then Solid Edge Simulation lets you easily accomplish this by utilizing Solid Edge’s synchronous technology to make the required model changes.

Full motion simulation

Combines advanced gear and motor relationships with a timeline control that allows design engineers to check for full range of motion, clearance and collisions automatically.

Stress analysis and simulation

Beam analysis checks to see if assemblies are overbuilt, based on the amount of stress exerted on them, saving manufacturing resources.

Vibration simulation

Determine the natural frequencies of a part or assembly in free vibration, as well as the expected relative displacements of the structure when at the natural frequency.

Buckling simulation

Determine the load at which a structure becomes unstable, which is especially critical for models that contain slender parts or assemblies that contain slender components.

Thermal simulation

Both steady state heat transfer analysis and thermal stress analysis, allowing designers or engineers to analyse thermal conditions on mechanical or electro-mechanical assemblies.


Simulation in Solid Edge

In this video demonstration, we review Solid Edge’s embedded simulation capabilityfor ensuring designs are appropriate for their purposestrong enough, but not over built. In the demo, an engine hoist assembly is stress tested using various mesh types, and optimized for purpose, all from the perspective of a design engineer.


Structural, Thermal and Flow Simulation

Solid Edge offers enhanced structural and thermal simulation, including transient heat transfer. Time-based history analysis enables simulation of thermal and cooling performance. Free surface flow simulation, lighting and radiation capabilities allow digital “what if” analysis.


Our Clients

The tailored update training we attended was very informative and was delivered by a competent and knowledgeable adviser. The instructor was very happy to go off topic during the training to help with any other questions that we had with Solid Edge.

FSM Manufacturing Ltd

NX is an industry-standard product and we are a startup company, but we now know that we could not have managed without it. We knew that NX is robust and utterly predictable, and with our ambitious timescales that is exactly what we needed.


A boat is a very, very complicated product, but we can find no limitation with NX and Teamcenter. There is nothing that we cannot do using NX and It is extremely easy to locate parts with Teamcenter for re-use or resizing.

Sunseeker International Ltd

Teamcenter gave us the greatest possibilities for a product lifecycle system - the ability to track samples, costing, bills of materials for the factory and much more. It is one of the things that will allow us to stay relevant and comptetitive, improving our speed to market.

Dr. Martens