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Weir Valves & Controls UK

Single data source results in significant time and cost savings

Handling pressure with precision

Today, Weir Valves & Controls UK Limited (WVC UK) – a subsidiary company of the Power & Industrial Division of The Weir Group PLC – supplies its offerings to the power generation, oil and gas exploration and general industrial sectors.


WVC UK first installed 10 seats of Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge software in 2000. In 2005, it went through a major reorganization, which involved focusing primarily on designing, outsourcing manufacturing and developing a new facility where it could assemble and test products before delivery to customers. At this time, Solid Edge became an even more critical business tool, with the company spending time consolidating the CAD skills of its engineers. “Solid Edge is easy to learn, user friendly and intuitive,” notes Jonathan Mills, engineering manager at WVC UK. “This is important to us as we often take on placement students and apprentices; we want them to be able to effectively use the software.”

A threefold mission

The company began to investigate product lifecycle management (PLM) applications, with the main requirement being integration with Solid Edge and SAP. After a full evaluation process, Siemens PLM Software’s Teamcenter software, preconfigured for rapid deployment and fast return on investment, was selected for a pilot project involving five engineers.


Throughout the implementation process, Siemens PLM Software reseller, Cutting Edge, provided support and training. “Cutting Edge has been extremely proactive and supportive with regard to Teamcenter and effectively fulfills the role of CAD manager,” says Mills. “Our team knows that when they contact the support desk, they receive clear and timely guidance.”

Systematic control of both data and design processes

According to Mills, the key benefit of Teamcenter is clarity and consistency: “Whenever we look for information, we now know we will be seeing live, reliable data. As we track a product and all of its improvements, we will see how these might affect a part or assembly. As specific rules and conventions automatically enforce discipline and support good practice, we will be moving away from the potential for error associated with manual entry. We will systematically be gaining control of our data and creativity, verifying everything that goes into the system and creating accurate, automated BOMs.”

Additional efficiencies

“The case we built for investment in Teamcenter was one of necessity,” says Mills. “This is something we had to do for the business. Proper control of data is crucial. If we make a change, it must be communicated as soon as possible. Confidence in our engineering data will increase the possibility of further collaboration. For example, we are looking at working more closely with our site in India and we may extend that to our manufacturing sites in America, Dubai, China and Korea.”


WVC UK also expects to see improved efficiencies as a result of standard parts rationalization, the re-use of existing components and paperless sign-off on engineering changes, as well as the removal of duplication and wasted effort.


“We estimate that engineers are saving half an hour per day and we anticipate cost savings from reduced stock inventory, improved delivery time and reduced risk. Such improvements in productivity and work order flow ultimately feed into increased customer satisfaction.”

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Weir Valves & Controls UK uses the following Siemens PLM products

Our Clients

The tailored update training we attended was very informative and was delivered by a competent and knowledgeable adviser. The instructor was very happy to go off topic during the training to help with any other questions that we had with Solid Edge.

FSM Manufacturing Ltd

NX is an industry-standard product and we are a startup company, but we now know that we could not have managed without it. We knew that NX is robust and utterly predictable, and with our ambitious timescales that is exactly what we needed.


A boat is a very, very complicated product, but we can find no limitation with NX and Teamcenter. There is nothing that we cannot do using NX and It is extremely easy to locate parts with Teamcenter for re-use or resizing.

Sunseeker International Ltd

Teamcenter gave us the greatest possibilities for a product lifecycle system - the ability to track samples, costing, bills of materials for the factory and much more. It is one of the things that will allow us to stay relevant and comptetitive, improving our speed to market.

Dr. Martens