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Solid Edge enables development of a new line of steel office storage products in only nine months, a cycle time reduction of 50 percent

Triumph is one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of steel office furniture and storage solutions.

Moving from 2D to 3D

The design team at Triumph, which is headed by senior designer, Nick Wilding, evaluated a number of 3D packages including SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and Solid Edge® software from Siemens PLM Software. The company was specifically looking for an easy-to-use product that would let its designers – who had become very accustomed to working in 2D – migrate smoothly to 3D and work swiftly to develop the new product range. A key requirement was for the product to include a robust sheet metal design component. Solid Edge and SolidWorks were both close to meeting the company’s requirements. Wilding explains, “We considered both Solid Edge and SolidWorks to be excellent products. But in the end we decided on Solid Edge, because of its sheet metal application and its ease of use. The all-round quality of Solid Edge combined with the quality of the demo and the service from Prion Cutting Edge, a leading Siemens solutions provider in the UK, also helped make the decision for us. Solid Edge also came highly recommended from Triumph customers who had previous experience of using it.”

Smooth migration

“The software was picked up and implemented within a week of receiving a copy,” says Wilding. “We did not believe any of the other systems could be up and running so quickly, making the decision easy for us."


Winning over Triumph personnel was always going to be a challenge as the design team had preconceived ideas about 3D as opposed to the existing trusty 2D system. Solid Edge is particularly good at easing the migration from 2D to 3D and this helped to reassure Triumph about any difficulties the changeover might cause the design team. The software enables users to continue working on existing 2D drawings and data and includes a 3D wizard to turn them into intelligent 3D models. 2D and 3D representations can be mixed and matched in a hybrid system, with 3D detail only being added when required. In this way organizations can gradually begin introducing the advantages of 3D to all their projects.

Improved accuracy and less rework

Wilding recalls, “Solid Edge was a key tool during development, producing a high success rate by ensuring that required parts could be developed quickly and accurately – negating the need for rework, which had always been a major problem using our previous software. Working with Solid Edge what you see on screen is what you get – leading to less guesswork and much greater accuracy.


Wilding sums up the contribution of the Siemens software, “Solid Edge was instrumental in enabling us to successfully meet our product development deadlines. It is so user friendly, meaning that our designers were able to become productive with the new software almost immediately. It improved accuracy and produced a fantastic reduction in the amount of rework required, saving us time and money and ultimately contributed to us being able to halve our product development cycle to just nine months. On top of this our team actually found the product very enjoyable to work with.”

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Triumph uses the following Siemens PLM products

Our Clients

The tailored update training we attended was very informative and was delivered by a competent and knowledgeable adviser. The instructor was very happy to go off topic during the training to help with any other questions that we had with Solid Edge.

FSM Manufacturing Ltd

NX is an industry-standard product and we are a startup company, but we now know that we could not have managed without it. We knew that NX is robust and utterly predictable, and with our ambitious timescales that is exactly what we needed.


A boat is a very, very complicated product, but we can find no limitation with NX and Teamcenter. There is nothing that we cannot do using NX and It is extremely easy to locate parts with Teamcenter for re-use or resizing.

Sunseeker International Ltd

Teamcenter gave us the greatest possibilities for a product lifecycle system - the ability to track samples, costing, bills of materials for the factory and much more. It is one of the things that will allow us to stay relevant and comptetitive, improving our speed to market.

Dr. Martens